The thought of men contains more gold , than the earth did and will cover!

  • Consulting
    • Most development problems are complex and often characterized by several inconsistencies; therefore require to be solved by a systematic approach – in contrary to a linear approach, which simply considers one thing at a time, thinking of cause to effect.
      Our sustainable-development expertise goes even further. 

      We evaluate meticulously the potential inter-relationships in terms of cultural, social, ecological, economic and political aspects of a given development problem.

      By doing so, we make sure that our sustainable-development solutions
 tailored to definitely solve the given development dilemma.

      Being Masters in simplicity design and implementation, we welcome complex projects. 

      From conception to completion, we assist Economic players, Donors, Institutions, Governments and Investors, to truly tackle immediate and future development challenges.
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  • Research & Development
    • On permanent and continual basis, IPI conducts researches and development activities with the purpose of keeping its affiliate companies innovative and ahead the competition.

      We are passionate and focus on the development of projects that have the intrinsic potential to underpin infrastructures development along with regional/continental integration.
      We apply systematically this principle during projects definition and development.

      We incessantly evaluate and highlight potential business cases and business models in the emerging countries.

      Based on assignment or up on our own initiatives, we endeavor researches and development tasks to design innovative projects in the emerging countries.

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      • Restraining and driving development forces